Local Search Engine Optimization: Basic

This basic Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) package will prep your website for greater online visibility in Bridgend and the surrounding area.

We identify the most relevant local keywords that pertain to your business, practice or firm. These keywords will be added to your website in the specific locations where they will be highly visible to search engines.

This should be your first step toward gaining visibility online for your website.

Basic LSEO (up to 4 page site) ……………. £500
Each Additional Page ……………………. £100


* Basic Keyword Research and Identification to find the best keywords for search engine optimization
* Incorporate these Geo-Targeted Keywords into your web pages.
* Create Keyword-Rich Title Tags
* Create Keyword-Rich META Descriptions
* Add Keywords to META Keyword Tags

* Write One Topic Related Article approx 500 words
* Submit the article to at least 5 article directories.

* Do a Submission to at least 50 Major Search Engines,special interest sites and Internet directories.

* Make Website Content Recommendations via a Full Report and check the position of your website on all major search engines