Create Good First Impression with Great Website Design

If you have plans of hiring a website design company, make sure they know the elements of design since these are the basic rules in designing a site and it is a must for companies to know these things. What will be written below are guidelines of a good website design:

Good content – Since this is an offshoot of design, most companies don’t emphasize on it. Some would do both designing and content writing. If you are seeking for a company that would have cost effectiveness, you need to find one who gets or offers good content. Sites with good quality content never fail to get a site visitor’s attention.

Browser compatibility – The common mistake of most website design companies is to just disregard the importance of browser compatibility. Your site might have an awesome page but if it couldn’t be viewed in a different browser other than IE then you are surely going to lose a lot of possible customers. People these days are starting to use a browser other than IE so it is important for website design companies to put importance on the browser compatibility aspect.

Good usage of graphics – At these times, websites with static text would no longer be everybody’s favorite. It is a must for website design companies to come up with more graphics and high tech photographs on the sites. Another important thing to consider is for sites to get rid of pages that take over 10 seconds to upload as users get impatient and will quickly surf to some other site before the page would start loading.

Themes and colors – Colors used on the site should be harmonious or fit what the site is promoting about. Colors as well as the logo designs need to be considered as this represents the whole site.

Navigability – Bad site navigation would surely turn off site users and so it is a must for companies to come up with proper navigational elements. The search functionality should be user-friendly.

Most people disregard website design and choose to use default themes and designs. Well, we cannot blame them if they want to save on costs and effort, but a great website design can bring your business far. There are people who are very particular about the design, plus it is the first thing that visitors of your site will see. So, why not grab the opportunity that they are spending time in your site by creating a good impression?