My name is Steve Magill. I am a small-to-medium business growth strategist. I create and implement effective online and offline marketing campaigns and promotions for small business owners in and around Bridgend and South Wales.

If the economic troubles are causing you to rethink your business plans and strategies, you will definitely want to continue reading.

Stop Hiding from Your Customers

I find that many small-to-medium local businesses are hiding from their customers and don’t realize it. They still market to new customers in newspapers and the Yellow Pages, and they still stay in touch with existing customers by direct mail.

But those traditional marketing channels are increasingly empty. That’s not where you find customers in the 21st century. No, they’re online. They’re on Google, Twitter, Face book, Stumble Upon. They’re blogging and commenting on blogs. They’re forming communities of interest on Digg and social media sites as well as watching videos on YouTube.

If you or your businesses are not familiar with these venues and you are not meeting your customers where they hang out and interact, then you’re missing an enormous opportunity to keep building your business even during these recessionary times.

So stop hiding from your customers.

I can help Contact me today.

One commonly neglected area that you should look at is your online presence. No, not just your website, but your entire Internet marketing and social presence. If you don’t currently have a website, our web design service in Bridgend can get your business online quickly.

If you already have a website, but it’s performing poorly – if at all, you should address this issue immediately.  Bridgend Website Design can help you get the most out of your current website.

However, you cannot depend on your website alone. There have been many new developments in the past few years that you should know about. In addition to your website, you need to implement additional web-based strategies that will insure that consumers find you when they perform searches for your business, products and/or services.

Consumer shopping habits are drastically changing and huge numbers of shoppers are using web search engines to locate information about local establishments and venues.

My expertise lies in creating synergistic marketing campaigns that utilize both offline and online tools and resources that increase the visibility of your business.

Or to put it another way, we can build you a website and get you to the top of the Search Engines so your customers can find you easily, a website on page 2 to 2000 on say Google is like a shop on top of a mountain, not many people will find you. When you are searching for something how often do you go further than page one?

So, no matter if you’re a Plumber or a Painter a Chiropodist or a Chef  if you need more customers contact Steve at Bridgend Web Solutions now !!!!!!

TAKE ACTION!!!! Or Your Competition Will !!!!